Kid’s Hiking Poem or Prose Contest

When we hike with children, we see the world through their eyes. The patterns on the wings of a beetle, towering peaks peeking through swirling clouds, the earthy smell of leaves on a muddy trail. The places we have hiked over and over are suddenly new, vivid, and alive when we explore with young hikers.

Do these young’ns ever wax poetic? We want to know what they have to say when they get out on trails surrounded by nature.

Submit the following and your young hiker (up to age 18) could be featured in the Fall edition of American Hiker, American Hiking Society’s quarterly publication for members:

  • a poem (a haiku is a fun simple option!) or prose under 100 words written by a child about their experience on a recent adventure or hike.
  • a photo of them on the trail (please read waiver below)

Winners will also receive the prize package. Complete the form below to be entered in the competition, which closes on July 26th. The winner will be announced on July 27th. 

Prize package includes:
Osprey Youth Hydropack complete with water bladder and a Leatherman Leap Multi-tool made specifically for youth (with removable knife).