Submitting Blog Content: Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your interest in publishing an article to American Hiking Society’s blog.   If you have not been given access to the submission pages,  please contact a staff member regarding your eligibility.  If approved, you will be granted access to one of the following submission forms.

Please follow the procedures and regulations below to submit content that is appropriate.


[heading]How to Submit Content[/heading]

Blog Content may be submitted using the form found here




These pages are password protected.  If you have not been given a password, please contact a staff member at American Hiking Society.


[heading]Blog Rules and Regulations[/heading]


The general theme of American Hiking Society’s blog is “hiking”.  Please be sure that your post is useful to readers who have an interest in hiking.


Blog Contributors are allowed to submit 2 posts per month. Contributors include organizations such as Alliance members or corporate partners, or individuals including Volunteer Vacations crew leaders and American Hiking Society Hike Ambassadors.

Blog posts should be between 500 and 1500 words in length.

The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.

The post must not be entirely self-promotional.

Please include the author name and/or company name at the end of the post content.

Guest posts that are approved for publishing will be published without notice.  Please check the blog periodically to see if your post has been published.

Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their work.


Unattributed use of other people’s work is unacceptable and harmful not only to the author but also to the reputation of the blog. Responsibility for any plagiarism will rest with the author.

Note that all submissions are individually moderated and American Hiking Society reserves the right to edit the blog post appropriately, or remove/reject submissions. You must own the copyright to any photos you submit.