American Hiking Seeks Director of Policy and Advocacy

American Hiking Society seeks a Director of Policy and Advocacy to work with Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, and conservation and recreation partners to shape public policy and legislation affecting hiking. POSITION SUMMARY The Director of Policy and Advocacy has primary responsibility for policy and government relations.  Responsibilities include advocating for funding and protection of hiking trails, promoting policies and practices that preserve natural areas, opposing policies detrimental to conservation and hiking, and promoting and protecting the hiking experience. The Director of Policy and Advocacy reports to the Executive Director.  As a part of AHS’s policy, this position can telecommute.  However, due to the frequency that this position needs to report to meetings and events in Washington, D.C., we are only ... Read more

Hiking to the Solar Eclipse

Imagine a morning hike for a purpose, for a reason you’ve never hiked before. You start out early, the crisp air an energy shot from nature. Perhaps the birds are acting a little different today, and you sense a buzz of something you can’t quite explain. The calendar says August 21, 2017. This is the day to be in Nature, to witness a celestial occurrence that people have been waiting 38 years for. The day when a total solar eclipse will sweep across parts of the continental United States. If you are in the path of the 70 mile wide ribbon that stretches from Oregon to the South Carolina; you will be able to witness the total eclipse. If ... Read more

Kid’s Hiking Poem or Prose Contest

When we hike with children, we see the world through their eyes. The patterns on the wings of a beetle, towering peaks peeking through swirling clouds, the earthy smell of leaves on a muddy trail. The places we have hiked over and over are suddenly new, vivid, and alive when we explore with young hikers. Do these young’ns ever wax poetic? We want to know what they have to say when they get out on trails surrounded by nature. Submit the following and your young hiker (up to age 18) could be featured in the Fall edition of American Hiker, American Hiking Society’s quarterly publication for members: a poem (a haiku is a fun simple option!) or prose under ... Read more

AHS Defending Trails in 2018 Budget Battle

July 7, 2017 - Today American Hiking Society, in coordination with our partners American Trails, Back Country Horsemen of America, and the Partnership for the National Trails System, submitted a letter to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and their Subcommittees on the Interior encouraging Congress to adequately fund trails. As we noted earlier, the Administration's budget proposed draconian cuts to trails funding for 2018. While AHS well understands the fiscal reality of things, we also understand that trails, Are a good value. With volunteers contributing millions of hours and supporters donating millions of dollars to trail maintenance and and protection, federal funding is an investment that is leveraged to do substantially more work than the dollars being allocated. Are ... Read more

Giving Back Abroad

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, and it is much further to Torres del Paine, Patagonia. From the San Francisco Bay Area, it requires more than two days of travel to reach this iconic hiking destination. My personal journey there was an even longer one, and led me to Conservation Volunteers International program, ConservationVIP® for short. For many years, I thought that the San Francisco Bay Area was the perfect place to live. The city of San Francisco is big enough to have interesting jobs, which was necessary for my work in the financial industry, but still small enough that it suited my “non-city” preference. The area has a mild climate year-round, which makes it easy ... Read more

Executive Order Threatens National Monuments

In April, President Donald Trump issued an executive order calling for the review of all national monument designations occurring after January 1, 1996, where the monument exceeds 100,000 acres. Shortly after, the Department of the Interior confirmed that Giant Sequoia National Monument is on that list along with 26 others. This administration’s actions reveal a great deal about its perspective on the purpose and value of our public lands. People come from around the globe to stand in awe under the largest living things on Earth. Giant Sequoia National Monument — designated by President Clinton in 2000 and spanning over 328,000 acres — shelters a large portion of the giant sequoia forests remaining in the world today. Since 1906, both Democratic ... Read more

#HikingMakesMe Interview – Kathryn Van Waes, Ph.D.

American Hiking Society's Executive Director, Kathryn Van Waes, responds to our #HikingMakesMe interview. I go by the name Kate. When I go on a hike, I never leave home without being really excited to finally get out on the trail. My favorite book is anything by Hemmingway In addition to hiking, I love spending time climbing, camping, skiing, and generally being outdoors; curled up with a good book; or cooking. I would love to trade places with no one else because my Nana always said, “If everyone put their problems in a hat, you’d probably end up just wanting to draw your own.” Being stuck on the couch or in bed frustrates me, more than anything in the whole ... Read more
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