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Hike the Hill 2017 Wrap-up

This past February, advocates from across the nation joined American Hiking Society and the Partnership for the National Trails System in hiking the Hill and making the case for the preservation of trails and the conservation of public lands. Trails advocates from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii made the journey to Washington, DC, learning about trail issues and meeting with legislators and federal agency executives to discuss the protection and creation of trails. Hike the Hill® kicked off on Sunday, February 12, with a day of briefings on topics such as current legislative issues, federal funding for the National Trails System, and informative briefings from federal agencies including the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land ... Read more

AHS Welcomes Carolyn Hartfield as Ambassador

American Hiking Society is excited to welcome Carolyn Hartfield to the Ambassador Program of AHS- promoting the physical health and mental benefits of hiking and inspiring seniors to explore the great outdoors. Carolyn Hartfield is an outdoor enthusiast who leads others on hiking, camping, zip lining, cycling, spelunking, tree climbing, whitewater rafting, kayaking — you name it — excursions. This Baby Boomer who is also a senior citizen says she is “Seasoned and savoring in the spices of life!” Carolyn was 56 when she went on her first hike.  She did not know the hike was going to be a challenging trek up Blood Mountain along the Appalachian Trail. She loved it. Being outside in nature was so exhilarating, she not only wanted ... Read more

5 Simple Ways to Deepen your Hiking Experience with Poetry

Consider why you feel a need to tramp through often harsh, uncomfortable trails to the wild places of the world. Essentially, this motivation can be boiled down to a need to connect with nature, and a need to connect with yourself. Writing poetry is one of the oldest, most tried-and-true methods of fostering a more meaningful relationship with the natural world. The natural world and poetry are so associated with one another that it can be a challenge to find a poem that doesn’t bring up, in some form or another, the woods, water, plants, animals, the sky, or some variation within these. Judging from poetry’s preoccupation with this green earth, there must be an element intrinsic to poetry’s ... Read more

Spring into a Service Adventure

There’s no better way to create your own sunshine and chase those winter blues away than on a Volunteer Vacation this Spring. Get out in nature, enjoy campfire camaraderie, make new friends, and give back to the trails you love as you celebrate the season. Here are just a few of the exciting opportunities volunteers can experience on one of the featured spring Volunteer Vacations: SLEEP in a newly constructed yurt (with electricity and heat) at Sweetwater Creek State Park (GA) EXPERIENCE the quirky charm of Texas hill-country at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge (TX) CHALLENGE yourself on a backcountry adventure in Los Padres National Forest.  Volunteers will be treated to a day trip to Santa Cruz Island with the possibility ... Read more

10 Best Hikes in Ohio

The Buckeye State is the home of the American Football Hall of Fame, the birthplace of seven American presidents, and some of the most incredible places to load up a pack and blaze a trail. The temperate climate and small rugged hills beckon to those who have a thirst for nature. A hike enjoyed in one of Ohio’s many state parks or nature preserves is sure to awaken the senses and leave you begging for more. Here is a list of 10 of the best hikes found in the state of Ohio. 1.The Two Mile Loop at Mill Creek Park Mill Creek. Jack Pearce Located in Youngstown, Ohio, Mill Creek Park is one of the largest Metroparks in the state. There are actually ... Read more

2017 National Trails Fund Now Accepting Applications

SILVER SPRING (January 17, 2017) – American Hiking Society is accepting applications for the 2017 National Trails Fund through February 17th, 2017. This exclusive grant program gives trail clubs and land managers the financial means necessary to complete critical hiking trail projects around the country.  Grants awarded range in value from $500 to $3,000.More than half a million dollars has been awarded to trail organizations since the fund’s inception in 1998. The National Trails Fund benefits American Hiking’s Alliance of Hiking Organizations, and information on the program can be accessed by visiting This past year, grant winners used their funds to build new trail, to implement better erosion controls on existing trails, to remove graffiti, and to install directional signage. Every one of these measures ... Read more

Public Lands Encounter Grave New Threat

January 6, 2017 – This past Tuesday when House Republicans passed a rules package, the approach towards the Ethics Office caught most of the public’s attention. Yet, while that item did not pass, what did pass was a substantive change that would drastically ease the transfer of public lands. Under the new rules the House passed, no longer will bills that transfer ownership of federal public lands have to make up the lost income that the lands would have provided to the federal government, funding derived from logging, energy extraction, and other activities. The new rule essentially sets the value of America’s public lands at $0. Yes, that’s a “zero.” With this new rule in place in the House, no longer will ... Read more
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