This spring American Hiking Society will be joining our federal partners as we celebrate all the places where Americans enjoy the outdoors. AHS’s trails promos, complimentary to the larger National Park Service “Find Your Park” movement, will seek to get Americans thinking about all the places they can get outdoors even if those places end with the word “Trail” and not “Park.”

Why are we doing this? Because America’s hiking trails shouldn’t be a secret – not if we want to ensure that they’re still there for future generations anyway! By sharing some of our favorite trails with non-hikers we might be able to spark a passion for hiking and the outdoors in the next John Muir or Rachel Carson. We can do this!

So what are we asking for? We want you to be the face of your favorite trail! The final graphics – which will be shared on our Facebook page and on other social media – will look very similar to the graphics below. Final wording might vary slightly. We will use the photograph you send, along with the trail that you select as one of your favorites, together in one graphic.

Photo submission guidelines – The photo must be of you, but does not have to be one taken on that particular trail. Close-ups – at least enough so we can see your happy hiker face – are ideal, as we want to show real people who love hiking and trails. Please avoid group photos, scenic vistas, and photos that don’t include you!

Find your Park - Trail Card6 Find your Park - Trail Card17

While we would love to use and are grateful for each submission, depending on the volume of submissions, we may not have the available space to use all of them. There may, however, be future opportunities as the campaign enters new phases, so please don’t be disappointed if yours is not used in the first round – we may still be in touch!

If you would like to represent one of your favorite trails, we hope you’ll fill out the form below and attach a photo that we may use. So…tell us, which trail inspires you, beckons you, or fills you with wonderful memories?

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