5 Tips to Prevent Dehydration While Hiking

Person sips from a RapidPur bottle with lake in the background.

Hiking is a pleasurable pastime and a good way to stay healthy and happy, as it presents ample opportunity to get sunshine, fresh air, and exercise. However, the exertion makes you susceptible to dehydration, which can make a hike less enjoyable and even dangerous. Every hiker needs to stay hydrated before, during, and after a…

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Click here for a printer-friendly PDF Drink enough water to stay safe outside. Prevention The best way to prevent dehydration is to consciously drink water slowly over several hours before intense exercise. During periods of heavy exercise you should drink about one quart per hour. If your urine is clear and copious, then you know…

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Great Hiking Trails Around the World

Choosing the trails to be included in Great Hiking Trails of the World was a little like choosing the “world’s best foods.” I based this book on 18,000 miles of my own hiking experience, visits to trails on six continents, and – in the cases where I haven’t hiked on the trail myself – on reports from…

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Hiking Resources

Hiking Resources Get the information you need to feel confident on your next hike. Hikes Near You Find a trail for your next adventure. Find a Hike Annie Spratt Hiking 101 Tips for your next hike. Learn More Lionello Delpiccolo American Hiking Society Blog Read current hiking news. Read iStock Alliance of Hiking Organizations Find…

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Summer Safety Series

In many places across the country, summer is a great time for hiking.  With kids out of school, people taking vacation, and days lasting longer, more and more people are hitting the trails – both seasoned veterans and newcomers.   Whether you’ve been hiking your entire life or you’re just starting out, there are certain…

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Safety and First Aid

Blisters Crossing a Stream Personal First Aid Kit Hunting Season Dehydration Hot Weather Hiking Fire Safety Plant Safety Snake Bite Insects Lightning Safety Sun Safety Ticks Lost Outdoors

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