Outdoors for All Act


Dennis Buchner

Why should you care?

Everyone should have easy access to the outdoors in their own community! However many places across the country lack outdoor recreation opportunities. Congress can help address this by enacting bipartisan legislation to create more open spaces in underserved communities by passing the Outdoors for All Act.

Increasing Equitable Access to the Outdoors

The Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program (ORLP), funded through the LWCF State and Local Assistance program, has made progress in expanding access to outdoor spaces for urban communities. ORLP provides grants directly to cities and localities, giving easier access to necessary funding. It is the only federal program focused exclusively on supporting parks and outdoor recreation opportunities in cities. Continued support of the OLRP program by creating a dedicated source of funding, through the Outdoors for All Act, is needed to ensure that natural spaces are available and accessible to local communities.

The Outdoors for All Act will:

  • Expand access to outdoor recreation opportunities in cities and towns, particularly in underserved and low-income areas that need them the most.
  • Create dedicated grant funding through the Land and Water Conservation Fund to create and improve state
    and locally-owned parks and other outdoor recreation areas.
  • Expand outdoor access for all.
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Sebastien Marchand