Transit to Trails Act

Transit to Trails Act

Dennis Buchner

Why should you care?

Underserved communities across the country don't have access to outdoor spaces. Transportation to our public lands and open spaces are one barrier that prevent many from accessing all the benefits trails and green spaces provide. Removing barriers and increasing access for urban and rural areas is critical. The Transit to Trails Act can provide a crucial transportation option to and from trail heads!

Increasing Equitable Access to Trails

The Transit to Trails Act would address access issues in transit by establishing a grant program under the Department of Transportation to provide transportation systems to and from underserved communities and public lands. The bill removes barriers and increases access to public lands for underserved urban and rural areas.

The legislation was inspired by a successful program in Los Angeles County connecting residents of Los Angeles with their local public lands.

The Transit to Trails Act will:


  • Provide access to trails for those with limited access to personal transportation
  • Create transportation systems from underserved communities to public lands
  • Expand access to outdoor recreation for urban and rural areas
  • Address issues of equitable access on public lands
Sebastien Marchand