#HikingMakesMe Interview – Carolyn Hartfield

American Hiking Society Ambassador, Carolyn Hartfield, responds to our #HikingMakesMe interview.

1. My name is Carolyn Hartfield.

2. When I go on a hike, I never leave home without my customized backpack I had embroidered for my Hartfield’s Hikers Grand Canyon 65th Birthday Adventure Tour, of which I am very proud to have shared the trip with a group of friends who also received one of the specialized backpacks. I also make sure I pack my ID, insurance card, directions, water, snacks, telephone, compact hiking poles, camera, binoculars, headlamp and first aid kit. All this just for day hikes! I was never a girl scout, but I try to always be prepared. 😉

3. My favorite book is Legacy on the Land by my friend Audrey Peterman. She describes things so vividly and the book is very informational.

4. In addition to hiking, I love spending time race walking and riding my new road bike, as far as physical activities. I love reading, writing and sharing.

5. I would love to trade places with no one because right now at age 68, I am living my best life and living it to the fullest, with expectations that better days are yet to come!

6. Negative people frustrate me, more than anything in the whole world because they never see the beauty of life right in front of them. No matter the circumstance, there is always something positive that can come out of it, if you choose to look for it!

7. People don’t know this about me, but as a young girl I took piano lessons, learned classical pieces and played in a recital.

8. I’m most proud of representing AARP and being recognized with a Profiles in Positive Aging Award in November 2016. I was so grateful that I was chosen to represent AARP, simply for the way I live my life! What could possibly be better as a senior citizen!

9. If I could have a superpower it would be to eradicate all genetically modified organisms (GMO) from foods because I believe they are responsible for a lot of diseases, most notably, cancer and obesity.

10. My favorite meal after a strenuous hike in fall and winter is my homemade vegetarian chili. In summer and spring my homemade fresh salmon or tuna salad, or a cool delicious green smoothie that I make myself!

11. Of all the things still to do on my bucket list, I’m most excited about traveling to South Africa to hike and go on a safari.

12. My best piece of trail advice is take time to breathe deeply, savor the moments and appreciate your surroundings.

13. #HikingMakesMe healthier, happier and live my life harmoniously with nature!