Ambassador Program

  Holly Mandarich

Would you like to join us as we empower all to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking experience? Learn more about our NextGen Trail Leader and Ambassador programs.

Two Ways Individuals Can Partner With American Hiking Society

   Matthias Mullie

NextGen Trail Leaders are rising stars in the outdoor community and the voice of young hikers who take part in a yearlong program of advocacy and stewardship to protect public lands.

Each year American Hiking brings together rising stars in the outdoor community from all walks of life and across the country. Through American Hiking, NextGen Trail Leaders are the voice of young hikers and speak out to elected officials and the public on the need to protect public lands for all to enjoy and to expand and preserve trail access. Over the course of the year, NextGen Trail Leaders share their passions to advocate for public lands and trails and inspire other young hikers to get out and experience what the trails have to offer.

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Bam Mendiola

NextGen Stories

Congress Passes Trail Inclusive Spending Bill

March 23, 2018

It looks like our targeted advocacy worked!  On March 22, Congress passed legislation to fund the government through October 2018. While we’re still going through the 2,232 page bill for…

Record Number of Participants Hike the Hill® to Advocate for Trails and Public Lands

March 13, 2018

The largest ever Hike the Hill® brought 123 hikers and trail organization representatives to Washington, D.C. to advocate before congress and the federal government for trail programs and public lands.…

Introducing American Hiking Society’s NextGen Trail Leaders

February 2, 2018

The inaugural class of AHS NextGen Trail Leaders brings together rising stars in the outdoor community from all walks of life and across the country. Through AHS, NextGen Trail Leaders…

Meet the 2019 NextGen Trail Leaders

   Kaci Stringer
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Amanda Jameson 1

Amanda "Zuul" Jameson

Instagram: @browngirlonthenst
Bam Mendiola 3

Bam Mendiola

Pronouns: they, them, theirs
Instagram: @mynameisbam
Karen Ramos 1

Karen Ramos

Instagram: @naturechola
Kaci Stringer 2

Kaci Stringer

Instagram: @thewanderingdar
Adam Tobey 4

Adam Tobey

Instagram: @goago_utah

American Hiking Society Ambassadors

   Shawnte Salabert

Hiking experts, leaders, content creators, and most importantly passionate advocates of the hiking experience.

AHS Ambassadors:

  • Represent American Hiking Society as a voice for hiking and public lands across social media and AHS communications.
  • Provide content and storytelling for the AHS Blog and social media channels.
  • Receive advocacy and communications resources to be effective advocates and leaders.
  • Join or support annual National Trails Day® events in their local areas in June as a host or participant.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in an American Hiking Volunteer Vacation stewardship trip.
  • Participate in other AHS advocacy campaigns, programs, and activities.

AHS Provides Ambassadors:

  • 1-year Hiker membership to AHS (includes a 1 year subscription to BACKPACKER magazine).
  • Discounted registration for an American Hiking Volunteer Vacation trip.
  • Networking opportunities with leaders and other professionals in the outdoor industry.
  • Swag and gear from AHS and corporate sponsors.

AHS Ambassador Applicants should be:

  • Passionate about outdoor advocacy, hiking, and stewardship.
  • Excellent, dynamic communicators.
  • Available to engage regularly throughout the year on social media and AHS communications on efforts to protect public lands, hiking, and diversity in the outdoors.

Meet the AHS Ambassadors

Liz Thomas

Carolyn Hartfield

Hiker/Adventure Leader/Speaker

Michael Lanza

Michael Lanza


Bob and Martha Manning cropped

Bob and Martha Manning



Jennifer Pharr Davis



Shawnté Salabert

Author/Adventure Seeker


Liz Thomas


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