5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Host a National Trails Day Event

Most trail and conservation organizations say they’re constantly trying to engage their local community in new ways and boost their numbers of supporters and donors. Here’s 5 ways your organization can benefit from hosting a National Trails Day event.

1. REACH A NEW AUDIENCE:  Your organization benefits by having new supporters find you via American Hiking Society’s national media platform, ads in national outdoor magazines, and other media and outreach efforts. It’s free publicity for you! In just the ONE week prior to the 2015 National Trails Day, American Hiking Society had 2.3 million impressions and 23,000 interactions on our social media channels.

2. RECRUIT VOLUNTEER SUPPORT:  Need help finishing a trail project?  National Trails Day is a great platform for recruiting new volunteers.  In 2015, an estimated 24,700 trail volunteers helped build and maintain nearly 1,500 miles of trail across the country.

3. FUNDRAISE & FRIEND-RAISE: Grow your organization’s constituent network and increase its donation potential by recruiting new members and donors.  Arrange a community hike, bike ride, paddling trip, or horseback riding event to introduce your organization to new supporters.

4. SHOWCASE TRAIL-RELATED SUCCESSES:  Invite your community to explore a newly opened or recently renovated section of trail.  Highlight your organization’s successes by setting up group hikes or other recreational activities for members, family, and friends.

5. NATIONWIDE COVERAGE: National Trails Day events take place in all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada, engaging hundreds of thousands of Americans in healthy outdoor recreation.


Saturday, June 4, 2016, marks American Hiking Society’s 24th Annual National Trails Day®.  Across the country, thousands of individuals and organizations will offer local recreational opportunities to celebrate America’s magnificent trail system.  Register your event for FREE today.  NTD is a great opportunity to build community engagement and support for your organization! 

Hosting an NTD event is fun and easy. Get started by downloading the simple how-to guide and other time-saving resources.