AHS Welcomes Shawnté Salabert as Ambassador

American Hiking Society is thrilled to welcome Shawnté Salabert to the Ambassador Program of AHS- promoting the benefits of hiking and inspiring more Americans to explore the great outdoors.

Shawnté Salabert is a freelance writer and curiosity seeker with a taste for wild spaces. Though based in Southern California, her adventures have taken her across the country and beyond, including the icy summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the gator-filled swamplands of South Carolina, and the lush trails of Australia’s Great Otway National Park. One of her favorite expeditions occurred a little closer to home, however, when she spent nearly two years exploring the Pacific Crest Trail, snapping photographs and recording impressions for her forthcoming book Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California, released via Mountaineers Books in 2017.

Shawnté currently serves as Senior Writer for outdoor website Modern Hiker; her writing has also appeared on the pixels and pages of Adventure Journal, Moja Gear, Trunkworthy, The Picture Professional, Charleston City Paper, and other outlets. In addition, she’s steadily cranking away on a multi-year project called Year of the Scout, is scratching out the beginnings of her next book, and is scheming several thru-hiking, rock climbing, and bike-packing trips for 2017.

When she’s not busy making sentences, plotting adventures, or hauling a backpack around, Shawnté volunteers as a trip leader with the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, and serves as an instructor for its Wilderness Travel Course. She enjoys giving back with sweat equity, as well, and has worked on projects with the California State Parks Foundation, TreePeople, and the Pacific Crest Trail Association’s Trail Gorillas trail crew. She looks forward to expanding this service work and community outreach in her new role as American Hiking Society Ambassador!

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