Stewarding Trails With Craft Brews

Athletic Brewing Company’s Two For the Trails initiative continues its commitment to trails, expanding its impact year after year. 

There is one undeniable truth about the outdoors: it cannot advocate for itself. As trail users, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts, we must act as stewards of the land and do what we can to preserve it for future generations.

Anchored by a love for adventure, the outdoors, and delicious craft brews, Athletic Brewing Company has made it its mission to create a positive impact where those passions intersect. With the brand’s Two For The Trails initiative, they’re making good on that promise.    

What is Two For The Trails?

Athletic Brewing Company’s co-founder, Bill, and his family have always had a love for getting outside and appreciating nature’s infinite playground. In a toast to nature, a family tradition was born of taking two brews for the trail to enjoy at the summit. And so when it came time to name Athletic’s initiative, Two For The Trails was a perfect fit.

The Two For The Trails initiative offers grants to trail-based organizations across the country that are tirelessly working to preserve outdoor spaces. These funds are essential to the work these organizations do, helping to fuel their efforts in environmental stewardship. 

Bill, Athletic Brewing Company’s Co-Founder and CEO, says, “If we don’t start acting in a sustainable manner, we’re going to lose our chance at great outdoor adventures and outdoor sports.”

Athletic Brewing donates up to $2MM annually through Two for the Trails, and to-date has donated an incredible — and hugely impactful — $4.3MM to trail stewardship projects since the initiative’s inception in 2018.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Athletic Brewing Company’s commitment to the trails extends beyond the Two for the Trails initiative and is heavily integrated into all facets of the company’s ethos.

Their employees are offered up to 12 paid days per year for volunteer opportunities and projects. In 2023, their team volunteered over 2,100 hours! Company-wide, it’s not surprising that one of their favorite days of the year is Earth Day where many employees are encouraged to get outside and may choose to spend the day cleaning up parks and beaches, followed by sharing a few good brews in true Athletic Brewing Company fashion. 

A Small Sip of Their Big Impact

To highlight some of their most recent projects, Athletic Brewing Company released their latest short film about the Two For The Trails initiative. The short film spotlights multi-use trails in Southern California and Wisconsin to the endangered Florida dry prairie, projects aim to allow more people to enjoy nature’s terrain.

The projects highlighted include:

San Diego Mountain Biking Association 

Athletic Brewing Company has partnered with SDMBA since 2021 in maintaining multi-use trails that have recently been damaged by inclement weather and erosion. 

Friends of Myakka River

Navigating Myakka River State Park’s expansive backcountry is extremely challenging; this project is focused on placing critical signage to keep park visitors safe and on track

Ice Age Trail Alliance

Volunteers who create and maintain the 1,200-mile National Scenic Trail also work to restore its surrounding habitat. This project is focused on the removal of invasive species to protect the native Oak.

Check out the film! 

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