Board of Directors Feature: Yann Tanini

Over the last few weeks, we have been introducing the newest members of the American Hiking Board of Directors. Next up, with a thirst for adventure and a taste for experiencing and sharing the beauty in the natural world, is Yann Tanini.

Yann is an avid hiking, cycling, skiing, and mountaineering enthusiast who spends most of his free time outdoors organizing events for a wide array of participants so they can create lifetime memories.

Creating memories together

“I love the outdoors. I spend most of my time hiking, skiing, biking, and it is something I really like. In the last couple of years, I created my own small company, 180bpm, where I organize events and try to share my love for sports and the outdoors with people. I like to say, ‘Let’s create memories together.’ As you share those moments, you create lasting connections."

“The outdoors, it belongs to everybody, but it is not accessible to everybody for many reasons. Sometimes it is the location, sometimes it is financial, sometimes it is education. They may not know how to access it, or they may feel like it isn’t for them. Through my groups, I am trying to empower people by sharing my love for it and making it accessible to more people.”

Yann’s love of the outdoors and his commitment to creating community through shared experiences align well with the mission and values of American Hiking.

Beauty all around

Yann is also the managing director for L'OCCITANE North America, with a business and engineering background and an entrepreneurial spirit. L'OCCITANE is a leading manufacturer and retailer of premium skincare and cosmetic products focusing on wellness and natural beauty. You may want to check out their Shea Butter Hand Cream, especially after a day of outdoor adventures!

“L'OCCITANE is an entrepreneur company, and they really care about people and the planet. We actually just accomplished our
B Corporation certification. I am super proud of it.” This certification is a long and challenging process which shows a company’s commitment not only to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation, but to community empowerment as well. “One key ingredient we use is Shea Butter, that is the one in the hand cream. It’s produced in Burkina Faso.” Since the 1980s, L'OCCITANE has not only worked closely with women who produce shea butter in Burkina Faso to form a sustainable and equitable partnership, but through its Foundation has supported NGO projects with a focus on ‘girls’ education, job training, and entrepreneurship with a high social and environmental impact for women.’  ”Nature and empowerment are really a part of who we are.” 

A quick Q&A from our conversation with Yann:

What do you think some of the benefits of hiking are?

“Sometimes I like to hike by myself. It gives me a refresh and gets my mind free. But another aspect of hiking that I really like is sharing moments. When you're hiking with friends, you can have really deep conversation, or if it's a challenging hike, it's something that you're going to remember and a moment that you share. I love talking about it after.  It really creates bonds between people.”

“Even people who didn’t know each other before. Everybody's coming from different backgrounds while in the outdoors. I feel like it's an equalizer. On the hiking trails you can become friends with whoever and that’s the fantastic part.”


What is some of the most important work American Hiking does, or should be doing?

“One is the pure technical aspect of preserving the trails and advocacy for that. Another aspect that I really like is promoting the benefits. Let's promote a lifestyle that is not only healthier in terms of your mind and the physical benefits, but is also healthier in bringing people together. When you are outdoors, you aren’t stuck behind your phone. You’re together - making real connections. That's what I love.”


What advice would you give someone who is new to hiking or new to the outdoor experience?

“Start small and try to find a buddy. It's more fun with a buddy and they can show you little by little what to do. You don’t need to do 50 miles in some crazy mountains carrying a 50 pound backpack. Hiking can start with a two mile hike in the woods, or even in a local park. So, surround yourself with outdoor people, just step forward, and don’t be scared. You're going to create a lot of memories together. It is going to be fun!


Is there anything else you want to share with our community about yourself?

I love sharing with people. I hope I can meet many of the hiking community and have fun on the trail together!

All of us here at American Hiking are excited to share Yann Tanini’s enthusiasm for outdoor adventures and passion for creating community through shared experiences. If you see Yann out on the hiking trails, or skiing a mountain near you, be sure to say hello because he is always up for making some more trail memories.