American Hiking Society Ambassador, Liz Thomas, responds to our #HikingMakesMe interview. LizThomasprofile

My name is Liz Thomas, but my friends call me Snorkel because that is my trail name.

When I go on a hike, I never leave home without my Altra shoes, Darn Tough socks, and Sawyer Mini filter.

My favorite book(s) are the Harry Potter series.

In addition to hiking, I love cooking, playing board games, and writing.

I would love to trade places with wild animals because I’d love to learn more about how they interact with nature.

Being hungry frustrates me, more than anything in the whole world.

People don’t know this about me, but as a kid, I spent two summers going to elementary school in Japan.

I’m most proud of taking some of my friends long distance backpacking for the first time.

If I could have a superpower it would be to have sticky feet so I could cross snow, ice, and steep rocks more safely.

My favorite meal after a strenuous hike is some fresh fruits and a salad. My body craves the hydration and fresh food tastes awesome after a week of eating nothing but dry food.

Of all the things still to do on my bucket list, I’m most excited about seeing the Sierras off the beaten path on the Sierra High Route.

My best piece of trail advice is to not forget to eat and drink regularly. It’ll help you make clear decisions about navigation, will make the uphills easier, and will overall improve your mood and enjoyment of your trip.

[quote author=”Liz Thomas”]#HikingMakesMe stronger, wiser, more accepting, and happier.[/quote]