At American Hiking we have been very eager to get back out on the trail, volunteer, and connect folks with trail projects that are in need of support.  We are hopeful that we will be able to organize some Volunteer Vacations in 2021, but since many of our trips require people to travel, involve communal cooking and/or lodging, and involve many logistical and safety concerns we are being careful and conservative about plans and know that the schedule and expectations will need to remain flexible. The safety of our volunteers, crew leaders, and project hosts is our highest priority and are planning the following for 2021 in regards to Volunteer Vacations:

  • Limit our trip schedule and the number of trips we offer to ensure we can comply with COVID safety guidelines
  • We aim to open registration in April
  • We are not scheduling any volunteer vacations prior to June
  • We won't organize any trips in states or locations that have quarantine restrictions or travel bans at the time of the trip start
  • Depending on the state of things as we get further into the year, we will assess if we can offer indoor lodging on any trips or if we need to limit our offerings to camping trips or lodging that people can separate into safely

As an organization that fully understands the mental and physical benefits of being outside, volunteering, and disconnecting for a little while, we can't wait to see you again on the trail.

If you are not able to volunteer or would like to support the volunteer work of American Hiking Society, please consider making a donation through your membership or gift.