At American Hiking we have been very eager to get back out on the trail, volunteer, and connect folks with trail projects that are in need of support.  That said, the safety of our volunteers, crew leaders, and project hosts is our highest priority.   Since most of our trips require people to travel (often into new states and by plane), involve communal cooking and/or lodging, and the uncertainty of conditions in the future, we have decided that we are going to cancel all on-the-ground volunteer trips for the remainder of the year due to COVID.  We are so sad to cancel the remainder of the volunteer season, but given all the logistical and safety considerations that come into play during our volunteers vacations, we think this is the safest decision for all involved. 

We are hopeful for trip scheduling to resume in 2021 (following new safety protocols) and will be connecting with hosts later in the summer to plan some amazing adventures for you all. 

As an organization that fully understands the mental and physical benefits of being outside, volunteering, and disconnecting for a little while, we are so sorry these trips will not proceed as scheduled. 

Please consider making a donation to your local trail organization, or supporting the work of American Hiking Society through your membership or gift