Take the 5 R’s of sustainability to the trail.

1) Rethink your consumption. In the long haul, higher quality, more expensive gear will last longer, perform better and leave a smaller footprint than cheaply made items that get thrown away sooner.

2) Reduce waste by consuming less.  Even small shifts in your buying behavior make a difference over time. At the grocery store, opt for bulk trail mix that you bag yourself rather than the prepackaged stuff.

3) Reinvent uses for existing items. Store an old CD in your daypack – it’s a great signaling mirror.

4) Repair your gear to extend its life. Contact the gear manufacturer to find out . For example, many LOWA boots can be repaired at their factory. Watch the video.

5) Recycle to reclaim raw materials.  When your gear’s life is truly over, don’t chuck it in the landfill. Many recycling centers take old boots, bike tires, skis –even bras!  And donation centers often work with recyclers to reclaim the materials in your old clothes.