How Volunteer Vacations Connect Us With Each Other

Joining a Volunteer Vacation is often rewarding on its own, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to make new friendships with like-minded people. Whether you’re removing fallen logs or clearing brush from trails, it’s not so much about the activity as it is about doing collective good alongside others who share common goals of helping to expand access to the outdoor spaces that we value so deeply.

Volunteer Vacation participants share the work load, carrying a tote bag by its handles together.

The people you meet volunteering more than likely share some of your environmental core values, and the willingness to give back. A 2022 Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area volunteer noted that one of their favorite experiences from their trip was “coming together, as strangers initially, with a common goal of improving the national park! By the end of the week, we were all friends! I will miss my crew, and I look forward to doing more AHS volunteer vacations with them next year.”

Volunteers work together building a trail in a desert landscape. They are carrying a large log together.

You do not need a partner or group to join a Volunteer Vacation. While it is great to have personal friends with you, joining a Volunteer Vacation provides you with a group to collaborate with, learn from, and enjoy the outdoors alongside. 

A volunteer who attended the 2022 Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge shared that they “really enjoyed working with the other volunteers on a common goal to help out with repairing the bridge and clearing the trail. Everyone had a very positive outlook and was more than eager to help. It was great meeting new people and working together to improve our world.” Making new friends may have numerous benefits; connecting with others can make you feel good, create new opportunities to learn, expand your network, and feel more confident in a new place, especially while on the trail. 

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