As the only national voice for hiking, American Hiking Society envisions a world where every American has permanent access to a hiking trail


American Hiking works with Congress, federal agencies, and partners on policy issues and legislation to ensure funding for trails, preservation of natural areas, and protection of the hiking experience.


Trails don't maintain themselves. Individuals of any age and experience level can become trail stewards. Give back to the trails you love, meet new people, and enjoy the experience!


Feel confident when you set out on your next trail adventure. Check out our free hiking resources like tips for hiking with families, gear checklists, finding the best trail for you, and more.

Join our team, get out, and give back in honor of National Trails Day®.

Ask your friends and family to help you protect the places you love to hike by giving $5 for each mile you help improve, or $10 for each year you have hiked, or $20 for every trail you have set foot on!

With the support of our members, sponsors, and partners, American Hiking has improved trail access for millions of Americans.

We've Mobilized
Trail Volunteers
We've Facilitated
Miles of Trail Maintenance & Construction
Volunteers Have Contributed
$ Million
in Volunteer Labor

Every day, numerous threats encroach upon the more than 200,000 miles of trails crisscrossing America. Join American Hiking Society and help protect your favorite trails today and for future generations.

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Work hard, get dirty, dig deep...and feel immensely rewarded.

Protecting Trails: Current News and Issues

It’s a funny thing about trails…

By : Sam Hodder, President & CEO, Save the Redwoods League It’s a funny thing about trails. They seem to carry a lot more significance than their linear simplicity would imply. For me, trails have always been complicated. Not just…

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How Trails Get Their Names

The names of hiking trails are often straightforward and self-explanatory — they are chosen for a point of interest, or perhaps a trail leader or volunteer who helped blaze the original path. But every so often, a catchy or unusual…

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Hiking the Unfinished Trail

Hike 3,100 miles from Canada to Mexico along the grizzly-bear infested Continental Divide Trail? No way. The few hikers I met who had walked the Divide called it a “trail in flux.” Sections are built or changed so frequently that most…

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Women Going the Distance

When I was 18, I announced to my parents that I wanted to hike 2,000 miles along the Appalachian Mountains. My parents thought I was crazy and couldn’t understand why a girl from California suburbia would fly cross-country to spend months in the…

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