June 1, 2024

Create community and connect with the people in your area who share your love of being outside.

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Register an event or edit your event by logging in to the Event Host Portal.


Plan Your Event

Your event can be as simple as organizing a trail clean-up or leading a hike, ride, or paddle on your favorite trail. Tailor your event for your needs. Check out the Event Host Guide for helpful tips on planning your event.


Get the Word Out

Register your event for FREE so participants can find your event on the National Trails Day® event web page. Sponsors and the media also use the event list to promote events. Our promotional toolkit makes it easy to spread the word about your event.


Connect with More People

In 2023, National Trails Day® reached more than 27 million people on social media and more than 70,000 individuals participated in events across the country. View the 2023 Report to see the nationwide impact.

2024 National Trails Day® Sponsors

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National Trails Day® Event Host Guide

What are the benefits of registering a National Trails Day® Event?

1. Reach A New Audience

Registering an event is a great way to reach individuals outside your current circles. Each year, tens of thousands of individuals search for local events on the National Trails Day® events page. You benefit by having new trail supporters find you via American Hiking Society’s national media platform, ads in national outdoor magazines, and other media and outreach efforts. It’s free publicity for you!

2. Save Valuable Time

American Hiking Society provides event hosts with time-saving guides to help you plan and promote your event. The National Trails Day® guides will walk you through the planning process and provide content for you to promote your event. Use the included checklists, photos, logos, and templates for social media and newsletters to shave off hours of planning and promotion work.

3. Recruit Volunteer Support

Need help finishing a trail project? National Trails Day® is a great platform to recruit new volunteers. In 2019, an estimated 41,000 trail volunteers helped improve 869 miles of trail across the country.

What are the expectations for hosting a National Trails Day® event?

1. Event hosts facilitate a group trail activity

Any non-motorized trail activity can be considered a National Trails Day® event. Events can be simple group recreational opportunities, trail service projects, or virtual events.

2. All events need to be registered (for free) on the National Trails Day® database

Maintaining a comprehensive list of all NTD events enables the general public to easily search for events in their area.

3. Event hosts need to provide a clear and accurate event description

Participants should know what to bring and what to expect at an event. Please make it clear if participants need to pay for park admissions or event registration.

2024 National Trails Day® Promotional Toolkit

Celebrating American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day® provides the perfect opportunity to set off on a local trail with others in your community. Join the nationwide movement to give back to trails and build a world where everyone feels welcome and has access to enjoy the great outdoors. Millions of hikers, bikers, paddlers, horseback riders, trail clubs, federal and local agencies, land trusts, and businesses come together in partnership across the country to forge a more inclusive trail community and advocate for, maintain, and clean up public lands and trails. American Hiking Society (AHS) invites the public to celebrate National Trails Day® on June 1, 2024, in three ways:

  1. Join: Find a local event or create your own and join the nationwide movement.
  2. Pledge: Take the #NationalTrailsDay Pledge and commit to leaving the trails and the outdoor community better than you found them.
  3. Connect: Encourage people to tag you/your organization, #NationalTrailsDay, and @AmericanHiking on social media. Photos tagged with @AmericanHiking and #NationalTrailsDay on Instagram will be entered into the NTD photo contest with a chance to win premium outdoor gear.

We hope you’ll join us and engage your community in the month leading up to NTD with these actions. We know your time is incredibly valuable, so we have put together sample content to help you promote National Trails Day® with your audience. Feel free to use the templates as-is or modify them to suit your needs.

Thanks again for joining us. We’re so grateful for your partnership.

Campaign Hashtags: #NationalTrailsDay, @AmericanHiking

Site Link: americanhiking.org/national-trails-day or bit.ly/trails-day

2024 Graphics and Visuals: https://americanhiking.org/national-trails-day/host-information/#ntd-graphics
*Please note, there are a number of additional visuals to choose from in Dropbox, click the button below each set of images to explore additional available assets to use. 

American Hiking Social Media: Please tag @AmericanHiking in your social posts so we can share your National Trails Day® content. [Links to AHS social profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn]

Thank you for joining us and promoting #NationalTrailsDay!

Downloadable Graphics

Please incorporate these graphic elements into your NTD promotional materials. Please do not alter the appearance of the logos.

To download graphics click on the color link. When the selected graphic loads right-click on the image and click "Save Image As". Note: the white versions might not be visible on your browser right-click in the center of your screen and click "Save Image As".


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Any Questions?

 Email NTD@AmericanHiking.org for questions regarding National Trails Day®.