June 5, 2021

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Stay informed with news and helpful tips for hosting a successful event.

Plan Your Event

Your event can be as simple as organizing a trail clean up or leading a hike, ride, or paddle on your favorite trail. Events can include a handful of folks or your entire community. Taylor your event for your needs. Check out the Event Host Guide for helpful tips on planning your event.

Get the Word Out

Register your event for FREE so participants can find your event on the National Trails Day® event web page. Sponsors and the media also use the event list to promote events.

Connect with More People

In 2019, National Trails Day® reach more than 19 million people on social media and hundreds of thousands of Americans participated in events in all 50 states and Washington D.C. View the 2019 Report to see the nationwide impact.

More Details Coming Feb. 2021

Event Host Guide

What are the expectations for hosting a National Trails Day® event?

1. Event hosts facilitate a group trail activity

Any non-motorized trail activity can be considered a National Trails Day® event. Events can be simple group hikes or rides, they can be large community festivals or anything in between.

2. All events need to be registered (for free) on the National Trails Day® database

Maintaining a comprehensive list of all NTD events enables the general public to easily search for events in their area.

3. Event hosts need to provide a clear and accurate event description

Participants should know what to bring and what to expect at an event. Please make it clear if participants need to pay for park admissions or event registration.

2021 registration will begin in March 2021!

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 Contact Wesley Trimble at [email protected] for questions regarding the 2020 digital activation for National Trails Day®.